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Ding-dong water singing symphony, the fish in the water while willow in spring under the sway of girl, display self wantonly colorful figure. Helena o I sit at the computer desk, recalling the past. Remembered before the good times, my heart is poured into mind, 20,000 words that are great memories ah. Just a good picture by millions of golden dream weaving.

Childhood, what a miss, no sad, no worries, carefree free playing.

Now that I think about it, that it is wonderful, but, all won't return, still have a long way of life, not only in that time may. It unchanged


Goodbye, my dear childhood, don't a lovely fairy tale, don't, fairy tale princess.

The flower of youth, youth ideal, are quietly bloomed.

SHH, listening, they are seeping…


The so-called "plum" oh, it was 5th grade was sitting in front of me, or six grade sit behind me, i think — — 李若恒! if the violence, who knew her all know, i have often said she : "mom! the students to violence and dew!" i admit, is our first child with her. she is quite pretty, but a mad to let people fear : she like, scram! o (︶ ︿ ︶) o well, how dreadful!

Small, and if it is fashionable to come back, and also like to sign. she often told me : "ingots ( my nickname ), i think, if i pass, i want to earn money to buy the vase, the better! so … … come back here again, they are an antique, if i sell them, haha … …" now i think this 娃子 is still to be back for money?

The happy boy, plum like soothing male voice. one day, and i showed in a soothing male voice, who sings well, just talking about the train, plum will not know where to go out and said : "of course, my boy sing well!" my son and was at her to go. well, this 娃子 for a boy is, she saw us. the plum, stretched out two hands, ready to us, "boy had not my house?" well, "of course is yours, who don't know! "I withdraw that remark, if he were, the world is only she and martial arts… of… has oriental god of 昌珉, not to say that, or 李子Home!

Plums like one hundred degrees of the zodiac, but in our class in addition, she was no love for the 100 degrees, the plums that : "the world's not fair, with the fight for what no one will get in?" i might have written this because i don't know how the pipe is a matter … …

李子love see signs of books, i'm leo, and a storyteller of the plums leos love面子, i protest. she and i had a long time, it was her feeling with me, and her is not my love面子? "the wily perfect plum!" i will say that i often say "the plum : alone eat very good, some salt is good." i'm sure a … …

If i were to 李子 reading the article, i'll do the "death"?


The reason why people would do all sorts of dreams, color, gray, sad, frightening, sweet dreams, because there is the spirit of a dream. Many, many a dream world, this spirit, dedicated to people's dream world, but we can not see.

According to legend, the spirit is the dream of a sleeping baby, closed eyes, long eyelashes, wearing a gold silk robe, head wearing a gold silk hat, hat with three corners, each corner has a ball in the middle of the corner up, down both sides of CUI, very special, this is useful to it, dream it is in this spirit that, like the same antennae hat tip to probe who was asleep, and into his dreams , only to the people's dream, the dream of the Spirit will open your eyes and start working. And you certainly do not know, he was sleeping in a bowl in the legs and buttocks in the bowl, the body lying on the Wanbian on sleep and sweet - is not like you bought Taobao, placed in the Qing-head doll that dream?

Every night, the night began to fall, the dream of flexible start falling from the sky, the spirit of many a dream, which the air from the high, gently, gently going down, spiritual purity of the child, to hear them down sound, slightly Italy Italy - Tighten the spring as the starting point when the voice began to return. Blue night, the stars blinking quietly, quietly dream of the Spirit into the sleep of people who dream, carefully describe their dreams.

A sad dad lost his job during the day, and unemployment, but at home there baby and baby's mother needs money to feed his family, he was not, and Baby Mama, afraid she was worried, so to pretend nothing teasing baby play, and eat dinner, shower, sleeping as usual on the chuang, but he was wondering how to do it? He intends for the future, look for what kind of a work? He does not sleep, dream the spirit of guarding the top of his bed, waiting for him to sleep well into his sleep. Later, the father finally came too heavy sleep. Gone with the Wind Spirit dreams quickly into his dreams … … the owner was too tired to dream, the dream of the spirit to take him to a place where you can relax, he cited the dream master came to a grass, the grass is green, dream the owner can even smell the smell of grass children, then, the sun shines down, floating down the dream master's body, stretched out his arm could not help but dream of the owner, raised his head, turn from the circle, he was thinking, so that the bright sunlight, Baptism me well, so those who do not happy, do not go well are all away! With the power of the sun, what have I to fear ~ dream with a sweet smile, the owner wake up, wake up and clearly remember the dream of every ray of sunshine, he felt very happy doing such a wonderful and warm dream, he felt the spirit of times, that good luck is coming soon … … soon to eat his breakfast, take courage to go to work!

The other side of the city, with a child during the day and did something bad, he stole a small partner in the take-home toy wagon here! He was too like, this little wagon just like songs inside "My beloved little horse," as sung, lovely, really people like it, get it back so he hid in his own little bed below, from that moment on, he to direct uneasy, and eating incense, so when my mother answered absently, my mother told him to sleep just before the story, he did not mind listening to, for fear mother would open a bed and saw a small carriage … …, but also Well, my mother did not do so, her new his forehead said good night to return to a room. Child is finally a long sigh of relief, close your eyes to sleep. Dream Spirit descending slowly from the corner of the bed up, floated a child's dream. Dream, a child standing on the bed, surrounded with friends and relatives, there are parents, grandparents, there are many children they want to hear children sing a song, children were happy to sing it, while children sing vigorously, the bed of a small carriage suddenly gradually become larger and large, the bed board are bursting, and there are adults so high, and then all the people staring at the carriage, and all eyes were staring in amazement well large, there is also the real owner of a small carriage, child panic, he wanted to take the bed cover, but it was too late … … child Xiaxing woke up my mind who also parked eyes widened and he quickly see under the bed of a small carriage, also there, so small, did not grow up, but the kids are crying, he was very sad, he turned on the lights, pick up the bed of a small carriage, thought, back to it tomorrow morning master it!

Every day, hundreds of millions of the spirit of a dream, into the dreams of millions of people, there are lonely old lady, grandfather, a happy child, just born baby (they will teach the baby smile oh), most of the dream Peace is the dream of giving spiritual energy of the dream, the nightmare of a small number of Spirit, will give bad guys, of course, bad people, and sent to Devil's Dream ~ ~


I read the "poor" after the benefit of this article, the article is very touching, I know a lot of life truth.

Sang Na, and fishermen have five children, living or just a decent, very hard; fisherman before dawn, they had got up to go out fishing; Sang Na, every day at home to take care of their children, doing housework, by fisherman a person fishing to sustain family life, paying the money earned is not enough family's living expenses, let alone food and clothing and the use of, money, children can not read the book.

Then, one night, Sang Na neighbor Simon left the world, died, leaving two still will not say that, would not take the children away with regret. Compassionate Sangna see these two poor children, who face the danger of her husband beaten, given a free hand to the father not the mother of two children did not hold a home, and decided to support both adult children to look after Good them. Sang Na did not even think of the fisherman will agree, but they know that life will be more and more difficult, but the fishermen insisted that the child is to keep our hard point can support seven children. One fisherman will carry the past, tough days have passed,

Nothing of the hard points.

Let me understand this story, a fisherman, a good, they fearless exhausted, happy to help needy people, do our best to to help them tide over the difficulties, the joy of taste to help others, unlike some of the money people at home, drinking red wine in winter, open fireplace, ballroom dancing, happy to live day, simply can not understand the taste of the poor go hungry, but also often to oppress, exploit our poor. We should learn to fishermen and Sang Na, shared a kind heart, to help people in difficulty, to live through difficult times, the world in better shape. I always believed good end rewarded,


In my life, there are many make me regret, but most make me regret is this thing.

The final papers hair down. I got 98 points, first in LvChan of good friends, I said: "I can finally publicity!"

Teacher beginning topic, I found the answer the teacher speak with me after class, as, I have asked classmate, result I am wrong. I really should tell the teacher? If I tell a teacher, that I will lose 1 minute, you may say, 1 points is small. But if I lose this one point of words, I can only second, because of the XueLeKao 97.5 in our class.

It is with this kind of contradictory mood return home, at this moment, I slipped back to my room, open the bag, turn off that piece of examination papers, seated in my mind into…

Gradually, angels and demons in my mind constantly appear, at this moment, angel smiled and said to me: "honesty is the most important, you can't because of the temporary glorious, lost honesty…" Suddenly, the demon interrupted angel of words, said: "you can't believe in angels, then you don't tell the teacher, you still is first, is still 98 cent!…" "Absolutely not so!…" Angel angry said. So, they've been quarreling…

Think about what they say, all point. But strong vanity let I chose demons. But the angel's speech often in my ears ring…

Although this matter in the past for a long time, I still regret…


" Don't study hard, day to get into trouble, shame on you." Just out of be jubilant, is ready to be reprimanded, was the destruction of my day, really hate! She is my family had just moved to a neighbor. Just moved to the first day, may be home furnishing products not complete it, she always borrows this or that. Word is borrowed, but borrow is seven or eight days, she was going through the bowl, dish, plate is estimated to be over. Since then, our family has become her" commodity supplier" and I just watched the thing in the home by her " stolen" think of these things I have a stomach fire.

One day, I impatiently for her mother said: " the neighbors would steal things, my beloved" doll bowl", do not have to die to lend her." Mom smiled and said: " the neighbors, you should take care of each other, if something is nothing. And she has to go to work, to work at midnight, and education of the children, a person is not easy!" My mother said I gas half dead … …

" Bell, bell, bell … …" After class, I picked up the bag, rushed out of the classroom to home. Thought of opening the door to meet is the smiling faces of parents, but can not think of, meet me is" locked" open the door for me. Entered the home, I turn on the TV, and then lay in the comfortable sofa, eat with appetite watching my favorite idol drama. Imperceptibly, night night, my stomach kept drumming, I realize you are hungry, the stuff to fill the belly. But I left over the right to find, to find some food. " What to do, my mother has not come back, and I can't cook … …"

" Ding-a-dong, ding-a-dong, ding-a-dong … …" The doorbell rang, I am happy to open the door, that is my parents come back, never thought it was hated neighbors," borrow a bowl to me." I gave him a supercilious look, in the bowl, but what bowl did not find, only to find my beloved" doll bowl" to give her. Unfortunately, even my beloved bowl lent her.

" Ding-a-dong, ding-a-dong, ding-a-dong … …" The doorbell rang again, this is my parents came back, I rushed to open the door . He is a bowl of reeky,, delicious noodles. Still my favorite kind of, I froze, is actually her --- my neighbor! I know, this time she borrowed from me to give me the noodles bowl.

" Hungry, then!" She smiled and said.

I took the noodles, said Xie, the noodles are very fragrant, delicious taste, which I haven't tasted. What is the reason, I can not say.