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Throughout the millennia, students of all ages in China have had to endure the miseries of learning by rote。 Teachers have stifled creativity in the pursuit of the accumulation of facts, and parents have forced children to spend mind-numbing hours cramming for exams。 But for the past year, the government has been experimenting with what could amount to revolutionary changes in China's classrooms。 The aim is to make education more pleasant, more useful and, above all, to challenge students to think for themselves。

What has prompted the reforms is a belated recognition that China's education system is failing to produce enough innovative thinkers。 In addition, students are deeply unhappy。 A survey conducted by the Education Ministry five years ago found more than 80% of students disliked school。 Dropout rates have been rising in rural areas―partly for economic reasons but also because of the stultifying atmosphere of their classrooms。 Exam pressures frequently lead to suicides。 According to a survey last year among senior secondary-school students and university freshmen in one area, more than 50% had considered killing themselves。

Several other countries in East Asia, including Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, are grappling with similar problems。 But the implications of China's reform efforts are particularly profound。 China's traditional education methods are ideally suited to a political culture that requires citizens to submit blindly to authority。 By encouraging students to question their teachers and regard them as equals (even official literature now talks of fostering a “democratic” atmosphere in classrooms), China could be ushering in a new kind of relationship between the rulers and the ruled。

The problem is making it work。 The government has set ambitious targets with few resources to ensure that the country's more than 10m primary- and secondary-school teachers acquire the skills and determination to change the habits of a lifetime。 The reforms started in September 2001 with about 420,000 primary- and junior secondary-school students (out of a national total of more than 215m) taking part in 38 experimental zones around the country。 In September this year, participation increased to 9。1m pupils in 572 zones。 These figures will double next year。 The Education Ministry's original idea had been to implement the reforms nationwide by 2010。 But according to Liu Jian of the ministry's National Centre for School Curriculum and Textbook Development, employers from a variety of enterprises said they wanted a quicker timetable。 So now the target is 2005。 In 2004, similar experiments will start in secondary schools。


谈谈教育的重要性 The Importance of Education

Why is education Important?


With the development of today's technology,education bees more important than before because people need to learn moreto adapt the society。Education enables people to understand the world betterand have a good job in the futrue。Moreover ,it also hao an impact on people'sbehavior。


First of all, education improves people'slearning ability that makes them know more about the world。Most things taughtin schools are the basic skills or means to further understsnding of oursociety 。Only by learning these,can human have an opportunity to study more andknow more about the society 。Secondly, opportunities are often given to someonewho is good educated 。Employers tend to believe that people have high educationare intelligent and they can manage their jod and adapt the working environmentquickly。That is why the educated people always get a good job。 Thirdly, themore people learn the more modest and polite they act。Learned people think thatthey are not good enough ,so they show a big patience to learn from everything。They often try to figure out the solution of problems by things they meet orlearn。


In sum,education can turn people out withbetter learning skills,job offering and good behavior,so I think education isimportant to people to fulfill their goals and live a easy life 。



Let’s work together to find a balance point

Dear mom and dad:

A warm family , a fantastic surroundings are the best gift which you have given me since I was born。 I don’t know how to express my appreciation for what you have done to me。 But I exactly need to talk with you。

There is no denying that every parents have a high expectation to their children’s future and it’s true of you 。But the regulation you made is too strict so that I spend all my time on it even can’t do anything I’m interested in。 Could we find a balance to make both of us happy?

I’m not allowed to make grades lover than A。 I can’t have a play crate and choose my own extracurricular activities 。There is no puter or TV 。Notwithstanding it enable me to get good grades but at the same time it’s impossible for to enjoy the happiness when spend time with friend and play sports。 Furthermore , now our society need the person who is all-round development and success in school work can’t decide everything 。The skill of how to get along with people , the creativity and the international visual field are also significant for now students 。 So when the family education are put into much pressure and rules , it will bee a burden to us and even get in the way of our growth。 You don’t want to see that ,don’t you?

As a matter of fact 。 I admit that we need to be pushed sometime 。 The expectation and pressure e from parents can be a dynamics that contribute us to do better 。 our all success no matter in studying or other aspects is based on family education 。 Therefore , finding a balance between your expectation and my own life is necessary 。 If so , not only can you still be proud of my great grades but also I can enjoy the things I am interested in and study more effectively 。

Finally , I want to say I’m always very appreciative of being your daughter

Your daughter

May。27th 2015




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May。27th 2015


The way of a university

The topic like “what’s a university?” or “what a university should do?” has been discussed many times in every age。 Not only educationalists but also students take into it。 Is it necessary to give priority to skills and knowledge in university education as they are essential to employers? Or students in universities should have access to all of knowledge just as they have their own sake? Chose A or B, this is a problem。

The value of knowledge itself need to be considered first in university education even though the course is not as practical as skills and technology。 In Chinese culture, morality education is always took at first。 It said that the way of real learning is to develop and expand virtue, to innovate peoples’ opinions, to get the best goodness。 In addition, there are four stages in the success of a gentleman: first, to cultivate his moral characters; second, regulate his own family; third, rule the state successfully; forth, let the world get peace。 In Chinese traditional value, students in university need to develop his morality firstly, though these knowledge is not as useful as other skills after they get a job。

On the other hand, the practicability of a university course is also worth considering, especially in the age when our government call for the attention to skills and technology in university education and when the employees prefer to capacity and practical knowledge of employers。 The time in university is limited and conditions and aims of students are different。 When students chose which course to learn, it is inevitable for some of them prefer to those which are more needed in workplace。

Universities give equal access to all of knowledge, including the practical courses and others。 What’s more, they need give more chance to students to choose what to learn。 Congratulate on diversity!












As known as we all,education is important in modern society。Everyone ought to be educated。So the teaching bee more and more necessary,expecially the college teaching。

China,like many other countries in the world,adapts written or oral examination as the only way to measure a student’s school work。It seems that the aim of school education is to achieve the temeness of students for society rather than to cultivate the unique minds for the individuals。But we must know,the school should to teaching the methods of learning,but not many formulas。

Besides,most of school in china always think studying more important than other activities,which is a wrong view。Obviously,active participation in school activities can better our health as well as our study。Students need not only work hard on their studies,but also often join the school various activities。The most important is school should to make proper arrangements of physical recreation and intellectual activities to enrich the school life,improve the student’s prehensive quality。