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Dear Sir,

I am highly disappointed in the proposed 2004-05 budget cuts to educa1ion。 Taking away basic aid status and slashing our school budgets is a recipe for educational disaster in our school。 The future lies with our children。 They must have access to high quality educa1ion。

My husband and I have worked hard to be able to live in a school district that provides high quality education for our children。 Cutting funding in districts like ours will have a negative impact on property values。

The school that my daughter attends is hardly wha1 I would describe as a "rich" school。 Parents are asked to pay for books for all the classes, science supplies and for their students to participate in the performing arts among other items。 If our school is to remain a world leader in technological development, cutting our school funds is the worst possible choice to make。

Education funds should not be diverted away from education。

Yours faithfully,

Tom Williams


Dear Sir,

I take pleasure in remending to you my friend Li Ming,who is now studying physics in California University in the U。S。

Li Ming was born on July 15,1974 in Beijing。He graduated from Xisi Primary School in 1986。From 1986 to 1992 he studied in No。 4 Middle School,where he got high scores in maths,physics and chemistry and was fond of literature and art。In 1992,he entered Beijing University,majoring in physics。He graduaged with high honours in 1996 and was admitted to California University for advanced studies。As result of his excellent work he has got his doctor's degree this year。He enjoys excellent health and is ready to work hard for the motherland。I should be most grateful if you favorably consider my remendation。

Looking forward to receiving your early reply。

Yours truly,

Wang Li


Dear Mr。 Wang,

Thank you for taking the time to write your wonderful letter in support of MCEA (Maywood Chinese Education Association)。 Your letter clearly articulates all the major reasons children in Maywood will benefit from studying the Chinese language as part of their elementary school education。 It provides invaluable support that will help making bilingual Chinese education a reality in Maywood public schools。

Although MCEA would like to see Palo Alto public schools implement the first bilingual Chinese kindergarten class in September of 2006, we have learned that the school district must take the time to understand how a new program will affect existing educational offerings, and to validate munity interest。 Nevertheless, MCEA, with more than 70 members, will continue to actively promote bilingual Chinese education in the Palo Alto public schools and will keep you apprised of the progress we make。

Thanks again for sending a letter in support of MCEA。 We' will continue to do all we can to realize this program both for families of Chinese descent and those with a general interest in participating in the growing economic power of China。

Yours sincerely,

George Chen


Dear Mr。 Seaton,

Thank you very much for taking me with you on that splendid outing to London。 It was the first time that I had seen the Tower or any of the other famous sights。 If I'd gone alone, I couldn't have seen nearly as much, because I wouldn't have known my way about。

The weather was splendid on that day, which I thought was rare。 I still remember some people told me that in Britain there was weather and no climate。 During the same day, it might snow in the morning, rain at noon, shine in the afternoon and be windy before the night falls。 So I think I was lucky。

I think the river trip was the best thing of all。 London really came alive for me as we saw it from the Thames during that wonderful journey down to Greenwich。 It was all tremendously exciting - a day that I shall never forget。

Thank you for giving me such a great birthday treat。

Yours sincerely,

Linda Chen


Thanks for Liu's Hospitality

Aug。 18, 1989

Dear Liu Dong,

I'm back at school now。 I wish to express my thanks to you for the wonderful vacation I spent with you and your family。 During the vacation you taught me how to swim, boat and fish。 I really appreciate① your taking time off work to take② me around and show me so many places。

Your mother is such a terrific③ cook! I think I must have gained 10 pounds just in the week I spent with you。 Surely I've spent a happy vacation, which will be remembered for long。

I hope you will be able to visit our school sometime。 Thank you again。 Let's keep in touch。


Dear Mr Smith,

I was so pleased to hear from you and I am writing to tell you something about my school。

You are right。Quite a few changes have taken place here。On one side of the road there's a new classroom building。 On the other side,where the playground used to be,now stands another new building-our library。In it there are all kinds of books,newspapers and magazines。The playground is now in front of the school。We have also planted a lot of trees in and around the school。I hope you e and see for yourself (亲自) some day。

Best wishes,


Li Hua


Dear Sir,

I was very interested in your advertisement in today's edition of The Evening Post and I should like to apply to be a member of the Amazon Expedition team。

I am twenty-three years old and have an honors degree in Botany from Bath University。 Since leaving university I have been working in a research laboratory but my contract es to an end in six weeks。 I would particularly like to join the expedition for the opportunity it would give me to study the plant life of the area。

I enjoy several outdoor activities including rowing and rock climbing and I consider myself to be both fit and healthy enough to undertake such an expedition。

If you would like me to attend an interview, I would be able to e at any time convenient to you, (J1) my employers have agreed to give me time off for the purpose。

I look forward to hearing from you。

Yours faithfully,

Lily Ma


Dear Mary,

Thanks for your last letter。 I'm so glad that you have been able (at last! to arrange a holiday in Australia。 As I fear I won't be able to meet you at the airport when you arrive, nor will I be able to be home until later in the afternoon, so here are some instructions and suggestions。

There is a bus from the airport to the city。 It is much cheaper than a cab。 Take the bus to the city and ask to get off at Town Hall railway station。

To get to my place in the eastern suburbs you have three options。 You can either take a cab, a bus or the train。 I suggest you take the train, since the airport bus will leave you right at the station。 Get off at Cliff Station。 From there you can either walk to my place (about ten minutes) or take a taxi。 Probably you should take a taxi as you will have luggage。

When you arrive at my flat, ring the inter for Flat 2。 My friend Lillian will be at home and she will open the front door for you and let you into my flat。

Presumably you will be tired and want to sleep。 But if you feel like some exercise after that long flight, you could stroll down to Cooper Park, which is only ten minutes away ? you can see it from the window。

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Cheers and looking forward to seeing you。

Yours sincerely,



Dear Sir,

I saw your advertisement for "the perfect lighter" in Sunday Times last week and immediately sent off a £2 postal order and the pleted form for the lighter。

Imagine my surprise when all I got in return was a box of matches! I could understand a mistake。 I might even pardon a joke。 But in this case, your advertisement is a deliberate lie since a friend of mine who also sent the coupon got the same result。

I think it's a shame to promise an economical lighter when in fact you are not selling a lighter a1 all。 Instead of saying it works quickly, you should admit that you are offering matches。 And what about "only" £2: I usually pay 10 pennies for a box of matches, and they are often given away free。

I regard your advertisement as a serious deception and demand that you send me my money back immediately。 Otherwise I will take active steps to make sure the Consumers' Association hear about it。

Yours faithfully,

Peter Li


Dear Sir,

I would like to apply for the post of Works Manager, which was advertised in The Guardian of I2 October 2004。 I feel that my qualifications and experience are ideally suited for the position。

I was born in 1968, and I went to school from 1973 to 1988。 In 1987 I took the General Certificate of Education, and I got good grades in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry。 After leaving school, I attended the Orient Technical College, where I first studied Fiber Technology and Color Chemistry; later I studied other subjects related to textile manufacture, and in 1991 I obtained the Diploma in Textiles。

After pleting my studies, I joined the Top Clothing Company where I worked until 1996。 In that year I moved to Prior Productions, who was pleased with my work, and as a result, in 1998, I was promoted to Assistant Works Manager there。

I enjoy my work, and I am prepared to work hard。 Moreover, I am sure that Prior Productions would give me an excellent reference。 I therefore feel that my application deserves your serious consideration。

I look forward to hearing from you。

Yours faithfully,

Mary Ma


Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for a British Council scholarship to study in Britain。 I did my five years' basic training in medicine at Shanghai University。 After this I successfully pleted a one-year postgraduate course in Ophthalmology at the People's General Hospital, where I am at present serving a two-year probation in the Eye Clinic。

As a result of the publication in 2003 of my article in New Scientist entitled "Soft and Rigid Contact Lenses ", which was based on a survey of 37 patients over 6 months, I made contact with Dr。 Li Ming of the Capital Hospital and Dr。 Ma Li of the University College Hospital。 I have received their help and advice with my current research project, which is a two-year survey of the acceptance of various types of contact lenses in 200 patients。

Despite their help, I feel that I cannot make real progress in this field unless I can actually have day-to-day contact with these specialists。 I would therefore like to continue my research at either the Capital Hospital or the UCH as soon as my probationary period here is pleted, and I would like to study in Britain for two years。

I enclose a detailed curriculum vitae and an offprint of my article, together with two letters of remendation from Dr。 Li Ming and Dr。 Ma Li。

Yours faithfully,

Lily Chen


Dear Sir,

I noticed an ad。 In the paper today you said you were looking for people to join your expedition team。 It sounded as if it might be fun so I'm writing to say I'd like to e along。

About myself: I left school at 16 because I wanted to earn a bit of money。 After that I got a few part-time jobs as a waiter, etc。 But I didn't stick to any of them for long。 Recently I've been doing a bit of hitch-hiking round Europe so I've had some experience of traveling the hard way which should e in handy on the expedition you're planning。 By the way, I'm a great guitarist so I can keep you all amused round the campfire at night。

Let me know when I can call in for a chat about dates and other details, etc。


David Smith


Dear Tom,

Thanks for your letter which finally caught up with me in London。 I suppose you're keen to hear how the trip has been so far。 So here's a short description of what's happened。

Well, you remember we left Sydney on Monday and arrived in London 24 hours later。 After such a long and exhausting flight the first thing we did was to have a good, long sleep。 And after that?a good meal to make up for all that horrible airline stuff!

The first real day of our holiday was spent just walking around London to get a feel of the place。 After that, however, we were more particular and planned each day carefully。

First, we looked at all the historical sights, such as the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, the British Museum and the National Gallery。 Then we visited some other famous places, such as Kew Gardens and Hampstead Heath。 Finally, we took a one-day trip to Oxford, which is really the most marvelous town。 You should make sure to go there when you visit England。

After we had seen a lot of London, we flew to Paris。 A t first, we didn't like the place-I suppose because it was so different from London。 Later, though, we began to really love it and started to appreciate its differentness。

The final stage of our trip is a visit to Rome, after which we will be staying in Singapore for two days before returning to Australia。

Hope everyone is well。 See you soon。


Dear Mr。 Wang,

I am pleased to invite you to a luncheon, to be held by the Monterey Institute of International Studies on October 12, 2006 at noon, memorating the 75th anniversary of the death of General Stilwell and in honor of his daughter, Mrs。 Nancy Stilwell Easterbrook。 Mrs。 Easterbrook was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Monterey Institute and founder of the Stilwell Scholarship, which is dedicated to supporting students from China。

For many years until she passed away, Nancy had served as a goodwill ambassador of the American people who made unremitting efforts to promote exchanges between the United States and China。 The Stilwell Scholarship she founded helps support deserving students from China who have e to the Monterey Institute to pursue professional degrees in translation and interpretation, international policy studies, language teaching and business management。

I hope you will be able to join us。 Mr。 Chuanyun Boo, Dean of the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation, will be calling you soon to discuss this event further。

Yours sincerely,

Tom Burton


Dear Mr。 Williams,

Thank you for your letter of congratulation on my exam results。 I was very pleased to hear from you。 The results were a great relief。 I did much better than I thought I would。

We are having a celebration party on Saturday 22 May and we shall be pleased if you can e。 It is a party for me, but my parents and some of their old friends are joining in, so you will find "real people" as well as teenagers to talk to。

The party starts at half past six- drinks, and a buffet supper later。 You said in your letter that you've given up driving, so my father will meet you with the car at San Mateo station。 Please let me know what time your train arrives。

There is a good train back to San Palo at 10:30 and we'll arrange transport for you to catch that。 I hope that won't be too late for you。 It would be a pity if you had to leave while the party was still in full swing。

I do hope that you will be able to e。

Yours sincerely,

Lily Chen