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Learning how to learn is one of the hot topics in education at the moment。 In order to understand its importance, it is vital to understand the following two points。 First, we should not follow other students’ way of learning。 It is known to all that most students do not learn in the same way, they have their own ways to study。 We have heard from other excellent students, they introduce their way of learning, while for ourselves, we should adjust our methods according to theirs, but not follow them in all。 What’s more, many students do not take an interest in the process of learning and expect that by simply going to a lecture, for example, they will automatically study the subject matter。 It is impossible for them to learn better, they should work efficiently。 If students master how to learn, they will have a better chance to acquire knowledge。



如何学习How to Study?

Recently the issue of students’ study has been brought to public attention。 Students are anxious about how to improve their scores。 Some work very hard。 They spend all their time on study。 They do nothing except study。 As far as I’m concerned, it is not a good way to study。 Alternate work with rest is the best to study well。 Students should try their best to learn knowledge as Francis Bacon said,”Knowledge is power”。 However, they should have other recreational activities to relax themselves。 Because people can do things more efficient after relaxed themselves’s more, people can obtain knowledge from many sources besides books, which is beneficial for study。 Thus, bine exertion and rest is the best to study。[由整理]



We all make mistakes which are inevitable。 What makes mistakes worse is failure to correct your own mistakes。 While making mistakes is good, repeating mistakes is definitely not。 Apart from correcting your own mistakes, we should learn from the mistakes as well。


You can only learn from you admit you have made one。 As soon as you start blaming other people, you distance yourself from any possible lesson that could be learned from it。 Admission of mistake, even if only privately to yourself, make learning possible by moving the focus away from blaming yourself and towards understanding。 Wise people admit their mistakes easily。 They know progress accelerates when they do。 On the other hand, for many reasons admitting mistakes is difficult。 This is why some people consider that people can learn nothing from mistakes。 We are educated in school, in our families, or at work to feel guilty about failure and to do whatever we can to avoid mistakes。 This sense of shame bined with the inevitability of setbacks when attempting difficult things explains why many people give up on their goals: they are not prepared for the mistakes and failures they will face on their way to what they want。


In conclusion, we can and could learn good lessons from past mistakes in order to be more successful in our private and public lives。



怎样成功学习一门语言 How to Learn a Language Successfully?

Some people seem to have a gift for learning languages。 They pick up new words, master rules or grammar and learn to write in the new language more quickly than others。 They do not seem to be more intelligent than others, so what makes language learning so much easier for them?


First of all, successful language learners are independent learners。 They do not depend on the book or the teacher; they discover their own way to learn the language。 Instead of waiting for the teacher to explain, they try to find the patterns and the rules for themselves。 They are good guessers who look for clues and form their own conclusions。 When they guess wrong, they try to learn from their mistakes。


Successful language learning is active learning。 Therefore, successful learners do not wait for a chance to use the language; they look for such chances。 They find people who speak the language and they ask these people to correct them when they make a mistake。 They will try anything to municate。 They are not afraid to repeat what they hear or to say strange things; they’re willing to make mistakes and try again。 It is more important for them to learn and think in the language than to know the meaning of every word。


Finally, successful language learners are learners with a purpose。 They want to learn the language because they are interested in the language and the people who speak it。 It is necessary for them to learn the language in order to municate with these people and to learn from them。 They find it easy to practice using the language regularly because they want to learn with it。



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We have maths class representative NiZhu beauty。 She is a studious students well ah。 The class she never do little tricks, hands still bold speech。 As long as open her homework, "optimal" must make you dazzled。 NiZhu beauty of Trinidad and Tobago, every time want to ask a clear, only willing to give up。

Once, just class is over, NiZhu beauty is holding a job had asked me, she said: "Hu Hua, 'new' e ' 'how to write?" I wrinkly to knit the brows to say: "is the" mountain "" dashan" below to add a "killed" cut, very simple!" I think she will not to bother, was busy doing homework。 Can't more than half minutes, her moan sounded again: "that the" new "is what mean?" "Oh my god, you are not asked word? How about meaning。" I thought to myself。 Can't, she will love "what es next," don't understand the problems, will haunt you, to ask not to understand。 I took out the xinhua dictionary, she said: "I find myself, this record of prison!"

On another occasion, at noon, I eat a meal to go to the classroom math。 Come to the classroom, through the window, I saw two or three female classmate in an empty classroom, the most notable is NiZhu beauty。 Zhang, when her thin lips bright big eyes with sparkly looked at reading the English book, oh ~ she is! I looked at her fortitude, dedicated attitude, can not help with respect。

NiZhu beauty, I want to learn your hard working, I also want to learn your inquiring ask!






In Chinese, people express modesty by saying that they gave all their knowledge back to the teacher。 This implies that the person never really owned the knowledge in the first place, but simply borrowed it from the teacher to pass the exam。 But it also implies that the person never cherished this knowledge, because he or she never owned it, and so they neglected it and eventually forgot it。 It's just like the difference between living in a dormitory and living in your own house。 No one who lives in a dorm takes very good care of it, especially the public areas。 But once you own a home, you make it beautiful and keep it clean because it has greater value to you。 This is pride of ownership, and what is owned is cherished。 What is cherished endures。

As much as Chinese students appreciate their foreign teachers, they should not forget that responsibility for learning es from within, not from without。 The teacher cannot "give" someone English。 No one can "get" English from a teacher or from a book like one can get a cold。 Responsibility for learning can only e from the learner, when he or she freely chooses to own the quality of his or her learning experience, versus relying on borrowed knowledge from experts。






Diligence is the key to be useful。 "Are frequently pensated with good training, a hard points to", only diligent, can get good grades。

Hua luogeng is due to the diligence, to bee a famous mathematician。

Hua luogeng in jintan county, home is very poor in childhood, dropping out of school at home, very early to help his father miscellaneous shop for a living, but he never give up the pursuit of mathematics。 At eight o 'clock every night, go home after good accounts, to study their favorite mathematics, often study late into the night。 In this way, day after day, year after year's efforts, hua luogeng finally got a chance to, when in tsinghua university math department assistant, he is very cherish the hard-won learning opportunities, he like a duck to water, swam in the sea of mathematics every day, give yourself only five or six hours of sleep time, it is really hard to believe。 Hua luogeng even developed after lights out, also can the habit of reading。 He, of course, there is no specific function, is just a kind of logical thinking activity of the mind。 Under the lamp, he took a book and look at the topic to think for a moment, and turning in bed, close the meditation, start, to

solve the problem in your mind run into difficulties, then turn off the bed, open the book for a while。 In this way, a book can see ten days, he you can finish it 2 days, otherwise can't sleep。 Hua luogeng who is considered the unusual assistant。 After studying so hard to learn, later, became a famous mathematician。

We learn from hua luogeng, in the later study, should be hard work, hard work, so as to achieve good results。