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my life

As a middle school student my priority is study which occupies most time and energy in my life.

Therefore my life sometimes seems a little boring. However it’s not that bad. First study brings me knowledge that will be useful to all my life. Learning new knowledge brings me a sense of achievement. In addition I like staying with my friends and classmates. We have much fun in daily life which makes our life in school colorful. We play games or do exercises in spare time. We share our happiness as well as support each other when we are upset.

All in all life is beautiful although we must spend most time in study. And we should hold a positive attitude towards life.





My School Life

How time flies! It has been three years since I came to the school.

My school is beautiful and there are many beautiful flowers and trees. The teachers are so kind though there is always too much homework. My classmates are all very friendly to each other. We always help each other. I have learned a lot from them and made a lot of friends. I enjoy my school life. However I don't do well in math. I’ll try my best to study math during the summer holidays. Now I'm going to say goodbye to my teachers and classmates.

I'll miss my school life.