What will you do for Mum优秀作文

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假设你是李静,母亲节就要到了,你们班将举办以What will you do for Mum?为题的英语演讲比赛。请你准备一篇80词左右的演讲稿参加比赛。


What will you do for Mum?

Hello, class. I’m Li Jing. Mother’s Day is coming.

I’m going to do something for my mum on that day.

My mum likes flowers, so I’ll buy some beautiful ones for her. I’ll cook a delicious dinner after school. Our family will get together and have dinner happily. Also, I’ll send my mum a card and say “Happy Mother’s Day” to her.

I love my mum very much and I’ll study hard to make her proud of me one day.

Thanks for your attention.