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Unit 1 Text A

Language Sense Enhancement

1. the fierce resistance 2. the long march 3. the devastating enemy 4. bleak 5. launched 6. military might 7. mowed down 8. campaign 9. a painful lesson 10. the aid

Language Focus



1. 1) alliance 2)at the cost of 3) stroke 4)limp 5)minus 6) regions 7) declaration 8) siege 9) raw 10) bide his time

11) have taken their toll 12) in the case of

2. 1) is faced with 2)get bogged down 3) is pressing on/pressed on 4) drag on 5) get by 6)dine out 7) have cut back 8) get through

3. 1) head to the conquest of cancer in the near future

2) has been brought to a halt by the delayed arrival of raw materials due to the dock worker’s strike

3) will/should never get in the way of her career

4) caught the foreign minister off guard

5) of the electronic calculator has rendered the slide rule out of date/obsolete

4. 1) Being faced with/the occupation of/regions

2) crucial to/efficient/to reckon with/weaken/be brought to a halt

3) a heroic/the decisive/turned the tide/siege/by launching

II. More Synonyms in the Context

1) in the gloomy trenches of France and Belgium.

2) 3) 4)

III. Usage

1) fall ill 2) lay dead from a heart attack 3) dropped dead from a heart attack 4) fell asleep 5) marrying young 6) to sit still for longer than a few minutes

Comprehensive Exercises


1. 1) invasion 2) stand in the way 3) catching…off his guard 4) launching 5) declaration 6) campaign 7) drag on

8) reckon with 9) bringing 10) to al halt

2. 1) allow 2) reckoned 3) highly 4) forecasts 5) rapidly 6) instant 7) delivery 8) advantage 9) observing 10) powerful


1. 1) Mr. Doherty and his family are currently engaged in getting the autumn harvest in on the farm.

2) We must not underestimate the enemy. They are equipped with the most sophisticated weapons.

3) Having been out of a job for 3 months, Phil is increasingly getting desperate.

4) Sam, as the project manager is decisive, efficient and accurate in his judgment.

5) Since the chemical plant was identified as a source of pollution, the village neighborhood committee decided to close it at the cost of 100 jobs.

2. The offensive had lasted three days, but we had not gained much ground. The division commander instructed our battalion

to get around to the rear of the enemy at night and launch a surprise attack. To do this we have to cross a marshland, and many of us were afraid we might get bogged down in the mud. Our battalion commander decided to take a gamble. Luckily enough, thanks to the severely cold weather which had made the marshland freeze over, we arrived our destination before dawn and began attacking the enemy from the rear. This had turned the tide of the battle. The enemy, caught off guard, soon surrendered.

Text B

Comprehension Check

1. d d b a b d


1. 6月5日被选为进攻日,是因为要留下一个安全量,以防万一进攻需要推迟。

2. 然而,当年春夏之交大风暴异乎寻常地多,在这个时候会出现一个适合进攻的风平浪静的间隙的可能性微乎其微。

3. 要是在原定地区登陆的话,德军海岸炮群无疑会拼命抵抗并给盟军造成惨重伤亡,而在新登陆区的登陆几乎没有遭


4. 尽管困难重重,艾森豪威尔在与恶劣天气的赌博中赢得了胜利。

Language Practice

1. d h b a f e c g

2. 1) boast 2) obstacles 3) was concerned 4) call…off 5) paid off 6) was pinned down

7) contesting 8) prior to 9) hold out 10) objective 11) responsible 12) in case

Unit 2 Text A

Language Sense Enhancement

1. care 2. impact 3. orbiting satellites 4. warn of 5. location 6. at any given time 7. vibrate 8. detected 9. calculate

10. converted

Language Focus



4. 1) expansion 2) automated 3) vapor 4)take control of 5) hazards 6) satellite 7) vibrated 8) magnetic 9) bunched

10) in the air 11) got/was stuck in 12) approximately

5. 1) send out 2) stand up for 3) pass for 4) were closing in on 5)starting up 6)went through 7) fill out 8) fall


6. 1) incorporates all the latest safety features

2) two trees ten feet apart

3) awarding lucrative contracts to his construction firm

4) the prototype of a new model before they set up a factory to make the cars

5) are correlated in all racial groups

4. 1) the application/ has turned into a reality/ are poised to

2) that vibrate/can detect/frequency

3) lanes/are mounted in/alert a /hazard

II. Word Formation

Clipped Words: kilogram/memorandum/gymnasium/liberation/doctor/veterinarian/preparatory/ automobile/influenza

Blends: medical care/electronic mail/communications satellite/news broadcast/sky hijack/ European dollar/breakfast and lunch/television broadcast/Oxford and Cambridge

III. Usage

1) swimming pool 2) drawing board 3) enriched Middle English 4) disturbing change 5) fully developed prototype 6) canned food 7) working population 8) puzzling differences

Comprehensive Exercises


3. 1) computerized 2) start up 3) be poised to 4) alert 5) hazards 6) monotonous 7) take control of 8) steer 9) lane 10)

decrease 11) calculate 12) getting stuck in 14) mounted 15) detect 16) vapor

4. 1) generates 2) related 3)revolutionized 4) enable 5) opportunities 6) overall 7) manufacturing 8) dependent

9) interact 10) fatalities


3. 1) There was an unusual quietness in the air, except for the sound of artillery in the distance.

2) The expansion of urban areas in some African countries has been causing a significant fall in living standards and an increase in social problems

3) The research shows that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are closely correlated with

global temperatures

4) The frequency of the bus service has been improved from 15 to 12 minute recently.

5) The diver stood on the edge of the diving board, poised to jump at the signal from the coach.

4. Automobiles have, since their invention, revolutionized transportation, changing forever the way people travel, and do

business. On the other hand, they have brought hazards, especially highway fatalities. However, today the application of computer technology and electronic sensors in designing and manufacturing cars makes it possible to eliminate most of traffic accidents. For example, electronic sensors mounted in your car can detect alcohol vapor in the air and refuse to start up the engine. They can also monitor road conditions by receiving radio signals sent out from orbiting satellites and greatly reduce your chances of getting stuck in traffic jams.

Text B

Comprehension Check

2. a c c d b b


5. 这类系统易受气候变化的影响, 提供的数据不够精确,但他们不需要特别的道路设施,只需要将车道标志维护好


6. 然而,不用多久,其成本就能为广大车辆拥有者和驾驶者所接受,尤其是目前不少可以应用的技术已经走向市场,


7. 电子驾驶应用的最大障碍可能在于人们普遍认为认为这一技术的应用比实际情况更困难,更昂贵。

8. 考虑到这些运用安全自动化交通运输系统的经验,开发由自动控制系统操纵的公路车辆算不上什么大的飞跃。 Language Practice

3. c a e b f g d h

4. 1) en route 2) matures 3) equivalent 4) feasible 5) in cooperation with 6) exposure

7) at the start of 8) thereby 9) implemented 10) realistic 11) component 12) by means of

Unit 3

Key to Part II Reading Task

Content Questions:

Pair Work:

1. He runs a manufacturing company.

2. Almost all of them were no.

3. This applicant was ill prepared for the job he was applying for and therefore ill qualified.

4. Prepare to win.

5. They now have to switch jobs frequently.

6. A 90-year-old player who wanted to work on his weakness – backhand court.

7. Believe in yourself, even when no one else does.

8. Because he will mention a cab driver who is different.

9. His efforts to make a difference.

10. He was offered a ride on a day when Minnesota was hit with one of the worst snowstorms in years and

the international airport there was closed for the first time in decades.

11. Because there were no tracks left in the snow, which means he was the first person to take off from


12. Carlson was excited about being first, which is exactly what the writer recommends to job applicants.

Text Organization:


Part One. Paras. 1-6: An ill-prepared college graduate failed his interview.

Part Two. Paras 7-27: Four pieces of advice on being a successful interviewee.

Part Three. Paras 28-31: Make your own tracks in whatever you do.

2. Suggestions Examples

1) Prepare to win 1) Michael Jordan

2) Never stop learning 2) a 90-year-old tennis player

3) Believe in yourself, even when 3) the four-minute mile, the New York

No one else does. Marathon and the Vietnam veteran

4) Find a way to make a difference 4) a New York cabdriver

Language Sense Enhancement:

(1) checked with (2) interview (3) grill (4) clippings

(5) be right for (6) follow up (7) indicating (8) hand-delivered

(9) prepared (10) prospective



1. Fill in the gaps with words or phrases given in the box. Change the form where necessary.

1) rude 2) physically 3) structure 4) made a difference

5) blurted (out) 6) chuckling 7) measurable 8) prospective

9) preparations 10) sparkled 11) took a crack at 12) partner

2. Use the verb in the brackets to form an appropriate phrasal verb you have learned and complete the sentence with it.

1) go after 2) look back on/at 3) be put up 4) stood for

5) build in 6) follow up 7) be hooked up to 8) closed up

3. Rewrite each sentence with the word or phrase in the brackets, keeping the same meaning.

1) grilled her about where she had been all night.

2) beyond Cinderella’s wildest dreams that she could one day dance in the King’s palace.

3) will be in readers’ hands soon

4) do your homework before going on an interview

5) was in the neighborhood of 150 dollars

4. Complete the sentences, using the words or phrases in brackets.

1) applicants; veteran; the prospective

2) From his standpoint; has made every endeavor to go after

3) as the saying goes; to have a crack at; barely

II. Words with Multiple Meanings

1. behave

2. keep (used to avoid repetition)

3. clean

4. get along

5. perform/complete

6. perform/complete

7. study

8. be enough

9. be acceptable

III. Usage:

1. There is so much to say and it is hard to know where to begin. OK, I’ll talk about myself first.

2. Thank you very much, John, for your beautiful Christmas card. By the way, I have something here for you.

3. The new computer language can be quite easily understood by anyone who can read the daily newspaper.

Now, why is this an advantage?

4. I’m going to work out the outline and will let you know how it goes. By the way, I will see you in February,

as I plan to attend your seminar in Shanghai.

5. OK, you got the job. Now, how to maximize your profits with as little effort as possible?

6. Chris is back from Australia. Incidentally, those pictures you sent me are wonderful.

Comprehensive Exercises:

I. Cloze.

1. Text-related:

(1) prospective (2) As I see it (3) done your homework (4) beforehand

(5) endeavor (6) structure (7) partners (8) Respond

(9) take a crack (10) from the standpoint (11) make a difference

(12) follow up

1. Theme-related:

(1) encouraging (2) inquiry (3) relevant (4) samples (5) references (6) advice

(7) preparing (8) seriously (9) probably (10) exhibit

II. Translation:

1. Translate the sentences into English.

1) Despite the inadequate length of the airstrip in this emergency landing, the veteran pilot managed to stop the plane after taxiing for only a short while.

2) Grilled by the reporters, the movie star eventually blurted (out) that she had undergone two plastic surgeries.

3) We have the technology and our partner has the capital. Working together, we’ll have the future in our hands.

4) If I had know beforehand that you would bring some many friends home, I would have made better preparations. You see, I have barely enough food and drinks for a snack.

5) People gave generously upon learning that new school rooms with stronger structures were to be built in the earthquake-stricken area.

2. Translate the passage into English.

Well begun, half done, as the saying goes. It is extremely important for a job applicant to do his homework while seeking employment. From my standpoint, whether or not one has done his homework clearly makes a difference in his chance of success.

I have a friend who is earning somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 dollars a year in a large computer software company. He told me that from his own experience the decision makers who interview

prospective employees like people who are well prepared. Those who make no endeavor to learn as much about his prospective employer as possible don’t have much of a chance of success.

Unit 4

Key to Part II Reading Task

Content Questions:

Pair Work:

1. Because he feels he is completely international.

2. What he means is that if one has a network of friends and enjoys what one is doing, one can function well anywhere in

the world.

3. It refers to a member of the international business elite who treks each year to the Swiss Alpine town of Davos for the

annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

4. The issues include everything from post-election Iraq and HIV in Africa to the global supply of oil and the implication

of nanotechnology.

5. They all believe that globalization, the unimpeded flows of capital, labor and technology across national borders, is

both welcome and unstoppable. They see the world increasingly as one vast, international marketplace in which corporations search for the most advantageous locations to buy, produce and sell their goods and services.

6. He describes Davos Man as an emerging global superspecies and a threat.

7. Yes, global trade has been around for centuries. In the past, the corporations and countries that benefited from global

trade were largely content to treat vast parts of the world as places to mine natural resources or sell finished products.

8. It predicted that four economies – Russia, Brazil, India and China – will become a much larger force in the world

economy than widely expected, based on projections of demographics and economic growth, with China potentially overtaking Germany this decade. By 2050, these four newcomers will likely have displaced all but the US and Japan from the top six economies in the world.

9. It refers to low-paid migrant workers from Asia and elsewhere who are increasingly providing key services around the


10. Unlike Davos Man, Manila Woman is strongly patriotic.

11. Because he thinks that there are still too many barriers to cross-border business in Europe, let alone the world.

12. Davos Man needs to figure out how to strike a balance on a global scale between being international and being

national at the same time.

Text Organization

Working on Your Own:


Part One, Paras. 1-3: introduction to Davos Man and the World Economic Forum

Part Two. Paras. 4-5: Debate over the impact of globalization on current society and culture

Part Three. Paras. 6-8: History of globalization and its recent trands and future prospects

Part Four. Paras. 9-11: Globalization versus nationalism and the challenges it faces

2. Main Events:

2) Davos Man seen their identity as a matter of personal choice, not an accident of birth.

3) Davos Man believes that globalization, the unimpeded flows of capital, labor and technology across national borders, it both welcome and unstoppable.

4) Davos Man sees the world increasingly as one vast, international marketplace in which corporations search for the most advantageous locations to buy, produce and sell their goods and services.

Language Sense Enhancement


(1) both see their identity (2) birth

(5) networking (6) implications (3) incidentally (4) annual (7) Whatever their considerable differences

(8) unimpeded flows (9) interconnected marketplace (10) advantageous

Language Focus



1. Fill in the gaps with words or phrases given in the box.

1) advantageous 2) let alone 3) witnessing…vanishing 4) landmark

5) entitled 6) displace 7) Establishment 8) patriotic…strengthen

9) contradictions 10) aspires 11) divorced 12) pendulums

2. Use the verb in the brackets to form an appropriate phrasal verb you have learned and complete the sentence with it.

1) come to 2) dozed off 3) believed in 4) was set apart

5) take in 6) sucks in 7) clean up 8) turn away

3. Rewrite each sentence with the word or phrase in the brackets.

1) makes no/little difference whether we go there by train or by bus.

2) overtaken General Motors as the world’s biggest car maker.

3) at odds with his wife over money matters.

4) been at the forefront of nanotechnology research.

5) let alone cook a meal.

4. Complete the sentence, using the words or phrases in the brackets.

a) is increasingly…to accelerate…their investment

b) economy…make an earnest…strike a balance between

c) a handful of…be endorsed by…on a large scale

II. Word Formation:

WTO World Trade Organization 世界贸易组织

GDP gross domestic product 国内生产总值

ATM automatic teller machine 自动出纳机

VAT value-added tax 增值税

CAD computer-aided design 计算机辅助设计

IT information technology 信息技术

IDD international direct dialing 国际直拨电话

MTV music television 音乐电视

Radar radio detecting and ranging 雷达

IOC International Olympic Committee 国际奥委会

VIP very important person 贵宾、大人物

Laser light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation 激光

CPU central processing unit 中央处理器

III. Usage:

1) An unusual present, a book on ethics, was given to Henry for his birthday.

2) The reason (he gave) that he didn’t notice the car till too late was unsatisfactory.

3) Football, his only interest in life, has brought him many friends.

4) Cloning had been raised as a possibility decades ago, then dismissed, something that serious scientists thought was

simply not going to happen anytime soon.

Comprehensive Exercises

I. Cloze

1. Text-related:

(1) academics; (2) networking (3) a variety of (4) growth

(5) vanish (6) facilitate (7) endorsing (8) outlook

(9) sweeping aside (10) patriotic (11) erasing (12) strike a balance

2. Theme-related:

(1) aided (2) effects (3) distances (4) connected (5) invested

(6) features (7) prevailing (8) qualitatively (9) volume (10) Distinguishing

III. Translation

1. Translate the sentences into English:

1) Due to his pessimistic outlook on the European economy, John has moved his assets from Europe to elsewhere.

2) I like hiring young people. They are earnest learners and committed to work.

3) Unlike her girl friends who center their lives on their children, Mary cares more about her personal growth.

4) The Chinese government has introduced a variety of policies to strengthen cooperation with developing countries.

2. Translate the passage into English:

Globalization has great implications for young Chinese. For example, young farmers are moving on a large scale to urban areas for jobs. And for those young people who aspire to study abroad or work in foreign-invested enterprises, English has become increasingly important. At the same time, a considerable number of overseas Chinese have returned home in recent years, for they hold an optimistic outlook for the long-term growth of the Chinese economy. The Internet has strengthened the links between Chinese young people and those elsewhere. They follow the latest trends can copy foreign fashions. Some of them don’t seem to care for traditional Chinese virtues, let alone carry them forward, which has given rise to worries that the traditional Chinese culture might one day vanish.

Unit 5 Text A

Language Sense Enhancement

1. struck

2. mild

3. gentle

4. raise it

5. benign

6. with point

7. something of

8. made every penny

9. small and frail

10. not bear to hurt a fly

Language Focus



7. 1) In a way

2) in accordance with

3) vacancy

4) in good condition

5) transparent

6) rub

7) spicy

8) hitherto

9) with (a) bad grace

10) instinct

11) pawned

12) current

8. 1) turned up

2) will stick to

3) brought back

4) go about

5) driving at

6) put, away

7) turning, over

8) took, aback

9. 1) has a very weak constitution – she may not be able to survive the operation.

2) was taken aback by the insurance company’s rejection of my compensation claim.

3) was something of a surprise when we ran into each other in a place like that.

4) needs trimming /to be trimmed – it’s getting too long.

5) are often deceptive.

4. 1) Oddly enough, went broke, wrinkled, he had gone all to pieces

2) definite, is capable of, her vanity,

3) too mild, sipping, stroke

II. Usage

5) Except for

6) Except that

7) except

8) except when

9) except to

10) except what

11) except where

12) except that

III. British and American English


AME: can, candy, faculty, mail, railroad, store

BRE: flat, lift, ground floor, trousers, tube/underground, maize


AME: favorable, meter, defense, plow, tire

BRE: paralyse, catalogue, leveling, programme, practice, characterise

Comprehensive Exercises


5. 1) insane

2) current

3) candid

4) capable

5) was taken aback

6) in good condition

7) constitution

8) go all to pieces

9) gone broke

10) vacancy

11) mild

12) deceptive

6. 1) suspected

2) pleading

3) confirmed

4) stunned

5) lucrative

6) jewellery

7) wealthy

8) urge

9) spell

10) arrested


5. 1) I have an instinct that Henry will seek to join the expedition, because he is something of an adventurer.

2) He is capable of sticking to the task at hand, even if he is exposed to noises.

3) The trademark was registered in accordance with the laws hitherto in force.

4) Oddly enough, many people volunteered to help organize the meeting, but only a few turned up.

5) The teacher’s affectionate words, along with his candid comments, changed the way Mike perceived the society and


6. For my own part, I find that appearances are all too often deceptive. For instance, you might be wrong if you judged by

appearances only people like Edward Hyde Burton. In appearance, he seemed a man all of a piece. He was a tiny little fellow with white hair and mild blue eyes, gentle and candid. Nevertheless, he turned out to be very cruel he insulted and fooled Lenny who was down and out and made him commit himself to an insane venture. What was still more surprising was that he was completely indifferent to Lenny’s death. Without doubt, Burton was a man with a heart of stone.

Unit 6 Text A

Language Sense Enhancement

11. 1) understanding

2) Within the confines


4) by nature

5) limitless possibilities

6) our aim

7) fewer desires

8) play by themselves

9) vet boundaries

10) or

Language Focus



10. 1) appliances

2) comparative

3) multiply

4) distribution

5) prosperity

6) decorate

7) famine

8) large quantities of / a large quantity of

9) streamline

10) fax

11) pointed the way to

12) bewildered

11. 1) eat into

2) cling to

3) stand out/ stood out

4) wears away

5) set about

6) switch off

7) will be turned loose

8) poured in

12. 1) is forecast to be below average next year, which at the moment is 4 percent.

2) to enter the building and find the baby girl proved futile as rescuers were driven out by the heart and flames.

3) was urged to divert some of its attention from expanding production and get more involved with issues of market demand.

4) can really eat heavily into your profits when you are selling suits at $900 and resses at $2,000.

5) has toiled endlessly over the exercise machine for the last twenty years in order to keep her body in shape.

4. 1) reaction to, discontent, provoked

2) Convention, evading tax, the confines of

3) a burden, are always on the go/ seem forever on the go, to cope

II. Confusable words


13) nervousness

14) tension

15) stress, stress

16) tension


1) honorary

2) Honorable

3) honorable

4) honorary

5) honorable

6) Honorary

III. Usage

1) Dealing with the extinction crisis is no simple matter. Is it sensible, we may ask, to spend large sums of money to save

some species – be it an elephant or an orchid – in a nation win which a large proportion of the population is living below the poverty line?

2) This new technology could be used anywhere large numbers of people need to be quickly screened – at airports, train

stations, bus terminals or border crossings. However, experts suspect, there is also the risk that people will learn to fool the machine the same way they try to fool polygraph readings by controlling their breath or taking drugs to relax themselves.

3) With a high percentage of marriages ending in divorce, often due to financial difficulties, you would say that money is a big

factor in making a good marriage. But, believe it or not, it isn’t money that ensures you a happy marriage; it is your philosophy of life that does.

4) Not all the risks on the Internet are sexual, you know. Sites promoting violence are just a click away, and may include

instructions for making bombs and other destructive devices.

Comprehensive Exercises


7. 1) switch off

2) obliged

3) on the go

4) cope

5) shortage

6) large quantity of

7) pouring in

8) by nature

9) fraction

10) futile

8. 1) advantage

2) wisely

3) faithfully

4) waking

5) includes

6) schedule

7) sticking

8) priorities

9) set

10) respect


7. 1) They are exploring the new frontiers of medical science in an attempt to find remedies for incurable diseases/ cures for

diseases that are beyond remedy so far.

2) Here unique teaching methods apart, Ms Wilson, my math teacher, never tried to cram knowledge into my head.

3) The regular weather forecast by the Central TV Station keeps us up with the changes of weather wherever we go on a trip.

4) The appalling explosion started a big fire and caused the partial collapse of the building.

5) In the modern world, there are more ways than ever to waste away time, and all kinds of distractions are eating into our

precious time.

8. Today we are under constant pressure to work longer hours, to produce more, and to possess more. Lots of people hold the

wrong perception that happiness lies in working hard and earning well /good money.

Many women today feel the same stress to work and get ahead and, at the same time, to nurture their offspring and shoulder the burden of domestic responsibilities.

Research shows that workaholism tends to distance us from our immediate families. It forces us to toil longer and longer hours, leaving a minute fraction of our time to be physically and emotionally available to our loved ones. Intimacy among family members is doomed to die in the process.

Unit 7 Text A

Language Sense Enhancement

1. brought down 2. revolving 3. circle 4. wreckage 5. memory 6. bury 7. perished 8. memorials 9. gaping wound


Language Focus



13. 1) divined 2) nerves 3) solidarity 4) sacred/mourn 5) coated 6) perish 7) hijack 8) grief 9) farewell 10)

take revenge on 11) revolves/revolves 12) denounced

14. 1) drop…off 2) applied for 3) went off 4) are gaining on 5) bring down 6) blotted out 7) think back on 8) picking


15. 1) brought down the American housing market in 2008

2) what will happen after his son steps into his shoes?

3) not in the mood to go out

4) long before the market began to show signs of weakness

5) mourn the loss of the tranquil life we had in the countryside

4. 1) in the aftermath of/to blot out/the tragic

2) armed/at dusk/accomplices/explosive

3) in the space of/no illusion

II. More Collocation

17) A little of 2) a few/much of / many of 3) much 4) few 5) many 6) many of 7) much of 8) little 9) few of 10) some III. Usage

1) As the boy grew older 2) she sings as beautifully as a nightingale/ sings like a nightingale 3) they don’t see themselves as servants of the people 4) as she had left her key in the office 5) just do as you are told 6) areas regarded as rural 7) as they do in China 8) as he was brave and loyal as well

Comprehensive Exercises


9. 1) mood 2) tragic 3) aftermath of 4) chaos 5) toppling 6) solidarity 7) take revenge on 8) thinking back on 9)

mourning 10) perished

10. 1) crashed 2) horrible 3) harsh 4) protect 5) remove 6) utterly 7) truly 8) justify 9) rewarded 10)



9. 1) some high-ranking officers of the armed forces started a coup, toppling the government and throwing the country into


2) the falling market shattered her illusion about getting rich quickly

3) thinking back on the history of world war II, we can see that the formation of the Allies was the natural product of the

development of political and military circumstances then.

4) Paul felt stung when Jim called him a religious fanatic. But as he was in no mood for a quarrel/ not in a quarreling mood, he simple pretended not to hear it.

5) People say that time heals all wounds. But for those who have lost their loved ones in the event, will time fill up the void

in their hearts?

10. Today, long after the earthquake shook/hit my home town, I can still recall in crystal detail, what I saw as I ran out of my

home with my parents. The building just across the street toppled right before my eyes, debris flew every-where and a could of choking dust blotted out the sun. Horror-stricken people ran in all directions, crying and screaming.

Now many years after that tragic event, a new town has risen on the wreckage of the old one. In the town square, a memorial has been built to remember those killed in the disaster. It seems the wounds in people’s hearts have healed, but the memory will linger.

Text B

Comprehension Check

3. b b d a c d


9. 但是,气势汹汹说大话不是纪念。我们必须清醒地估计我们所处的地位以及我们必须做的事情,因为在过去的七年


10. 联合国的成员国联手识别和追踪进行恐怖袭击的人。

11. 但是我们没有集中对付这一威胁。相反布什政府的傲慢、恐惧和怨恨的驱使下,美国选择了入侵伊拉克。

12. 事实上,如果按布什总统和约翰·麦凯恩所下的定义,“胜利”是指“在伊拉克留下一个稳定、民主的政府,一个


Language Practice

5. b f a e g h c d

6. 1) aggravate 2) distorted 3) tracking down 4) revised 5) disrupt 6) dependent

7) left behind 8) a long way from 9) indebted 10) destruction 11) justify 12) takes stock

Unit 8 Text A

Language Sense Enhancement

1. on the planet 2. a feel for 3. fringes and hollows 4. half a continent 5. in detail 6. sucking 7. shade 8. smeared with 9. in flocks 10. are reputed to

Language Focus



16. 1) heap 2) was smeared 3) warmed 4) dissolve 5) thrash 6) out of the way 7) hollows 8) tangled 9) get his hands on

10) opaque 11) at the edge of / illuminated 12) hop

17. 1) take/apart 2)result from 3) run out of 4) feed on 5) come forward 6) woke up 7) focused on 8) settled over

18. 1) was dying to see the movie based on it

2) as a rule, the sheer distance mutes all sounds from the ground

3) fuss too much over details

4) slumped into an armchair (feeling) completely exhausted

5) was reputed to be the wittiest woman of her time

4. 1)swarmed to/the spectacular/ paddled

2) in the heart of/ out of the range of/trailing over/gliding in

3) Day after day/strip/he heaving/slap

II. Confusable words

18) 1) worth 2) worthy 3) worthwhile 4) worth/worth 5) worthy

19) 1) lone/alone 2) alone 3) alone 4) lonely 5) lonely 6) alone/lonely

III. Usage

1) ice-cream 2) teas 3) wines 4) cloth 5) soap 6) beer 7) fuels 8) soils 9) sugars 10) grass

Comprehensive Exercises


11. 1) are dying to 2) in the heart of 3) tangled 4) paddles 5) loop 6) out of sight 7) in flocks 8) hopping 9)

gliding 10) opaque 11) thrashing 12) darting 13) swarms 14) spectacular

12. 1) running 2) incorporate 3) fancy 4) exploring 5) guide 6) adventure 7) rarely 8) diverse 9) survive 10)



11. 1) Janet was just the kind of girl Mike knew he could trust, so he bared his heart to her on their first date.

2) At first the girls played on the fringe of the dark forest, now laughing, now screaming but before long they were out of sight.

3) The moment the football players disembarked from the plane, they saw a fleet of cars waiting for their arrival.

4) Carson condemned his opponent for using misleading information to smear his charater.

5) Alex gave the policeman a wallet stuffed with banknotes. He said he had found it ong the curb when he hopped off his

school bus.

12. Last Wednesday, my classmate Caroline and I visited Zhouzhuang, a well-known town looped all around by streams. When

we arrived at the town, Caroline was so excited that she saw and began singing loudly there. Suddenly her voice hushed when she found that she had startled a flock of ducks not too far from us. Now as Caroline was dying for a boat, we decided to tour the town by boat. Now loud, now soft, Caroline talked to all the creatures in the stream and was fussing about everything while I looked at the boats gliding over the water in silence. Though we did not see anything spectacular, we enjoyed every minute in the town that lies out of the range of the heavy traffic and noise of the large city. Zhouzhuang is worth visiting and, time permitting, I’d like to go there again.

Text B

Comprehension Check

4. c b d d c b


13. 我们家位于纳尔逊城外颜面欺负的山丘中,我们的车子开进了他们满是尘土的私用车到,我们遇到了比我们预想要


14. 要是能与西蒙、苏和艾拉一起多过几天就好了,但是往南还有这么多美好景色要看,而时间有这么紧,我们有只好


15. 在维多利亚时代的照片上,我们看到有旅行者划着小船在这儿的冰川脚下转悠,这说明在以往的一个世纪中,冰已


16. 在开往哈斯特山口的路上,我们经过了看上去像是史前时期的海滩和沼泽地,我们在船溪停下,观看赫氏海(世界


Language Practice

7. d h b a f e c g

8. 1) boast 2) obstacles 3) was concerned 4) call…off 5) paid off 6) was pinned down

7) contesting 8) prior to 9) hold out 10) objective 11) responsible 12) in case