Module 7 Unit 1  Living Well 导学案(II)

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Module 7 Unit 1 Living Well 导学案(II)

Reading and comprehending

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【Task one】Skimming to get general ideas.

Reading Comprehension I

What’s the main idea of the text?

Reading Comprehension II

1. When Marty says “ I am one in a million”, he really means he ________.

A. is unique B. has a rare disease

C. has a muscle disease D. lives a hard but happy life

2. What is the tone of the text?

A. Sad. B. Happy. C. Positive. D. Negative.

3. What shouldn’t people do for the disabled?

A. Encourage them to live as rich and full a life as you do.

B. Accept them for who they are.

C. Don’t give them any help.

D. Don’t ignore their feelings.

【Task Two】Scanning to get detail information

1. Why did the doctors cut out a piece of muscle from Marty’s leg?

A. Because they could cure the disease by cutting it out.

B. Because they wanted to use it as a specimen (标本).

C. Because they would transplant the new muscle.

D. Because they wanted to find out the cause of the disease.

2. From the passage we can infer that _____.

A. Marty asks others to feel sorry for him.

B. Marty never loses heart.

C. Marty is afraid of being made fun of.

D. Marty will not accept any encouragement because he has grown stronger.

3. What’s Marty’s dream when he was a child?

A. Being a professional football player and representing his country in the World Cup.

B. Being a doctor.

C. Being a college student.

D. Being a basketball player.

4. Which of the following is true according to the text?

A. While at high school, not all Marty’s classmates accepted him.

B. A big company bought the computer game from Marty.

C. The doctors know Marty’s disease well but they hide the truth.

D. Marty looks quite different from others because of his disease.

5. Which of the following is false?

A. Although there are a few students who look down upon him, Marty never gets annoyed.

B. Marty leads a meaningful life and does not feel sorry for being disabled.

C. Marty only spends time with his pets and never with his friends.

D. Marty’s disability has made him more independent.

【Task Three】Read the passage again and fill in the chart below.

Problems caused by his disability






What Marty does in spite of his disability





【Task Four】Discuss these questions in groups.

1. What kind of person do you think Marty is?

2. What can other people do to help Marty and others like him live a good life?

【Task Five】Study the language points.

I. Typical sentences:

1. Sometimes, too, I was too weak to go to school so my education suffered. (P2)

2. I have a very busy life with no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself.(P2)

3. As well as going to the movies and football matches with my friends, I spend a lot of time with my pets. (P2)

4. Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do. (P3)

II.Words and phrases

1.adapt v.


(1) How do these insects adapt themselves to new environments?

(2) You can adapt this fabric for anything from divers' suits to gloves.

(3) Many children buy books after they have been adapted for television.


A. 改造;改装 B. 改编;改写 C. 适应;适合


adapt oneself to…使自己适应或习惯于……

adapt to 适应

adapt sth. for sth. 改造;改装(以适应新用途、新情况)

adapt…from…根据……改写 / 改编


(1)The play is adapted __________ a Michael Crichton novel.

(2)This teaching material can be adapted ________ older children.

(3)When you go to a new country, you must adapt yourself __________ new customs.

2.conduct n. & vt.


(1) We are conducting a survey of consumer attitudes towards organic food.

(2) Non-metals such as wood, glass and plastic cannot conduct heat easily.

(3) The orchestra is conducted by John Williams.

(4) “I can't scold your cheating on the examination,” said a father to his son. “But I'm glad that you conduct yourself honestly next time. ”

(5) Why has his fellow students' conduct changed towards Marty?


A. (乐队)指挥 B. 为人;表现 C. 导(电、热) D. 实施;进行 E. 行为 other words 换句话说

Beethoven wrote many world-famous musical compositions. __________, he was a great musician.

4.all in all 从各个方面考虑,从各方面来说,总的来说

All in all , he is a perfect man.

All in all, it had been a great success.

I should like to rent a house , modern , comfortable and _____ in a quiet neighborhood .

A. all in all B. above all C. after all D. in all

5.out of breath 上气不接下气

After climbing that long flight of stairs she was completely out of breath.


Hardly had I opened the door when he rushed into the office __________(上气不接下气).

链接take a deep breath 做一次深呼吸

waste one’s breath 白费口舌

lose one’s breath 喘不过气来

hold one’s breath屏息