My new teachers单元教案

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My new teachers单元教案

Teaching Aims:

1.Knowledge and Skill

a. Speaking: express one’s attitude or views about their teachers and describe what their teachers look like

b Reading: understand the meanings of certain words in context applying to guessing meaning skills.

c. Writing: develop the ability of using commas

d. Listening: Grasp the ability of listening for specific facts

2.Emotion and Values

a.Improve the relationship between the teachers and the students by comparing the relationship between teachers and the students in other countries.

b.To help them set the correct and all-the-round thinking away, and enforce to control the directions of thinking.

c.To encourage the Ss to be active and cooperative in the class

3. Cross-cultural awareness:

a.To help them learn about different relationship between teachers and students in other countries.

4. Character-building:

a.To help them know more about their teachers and love the teachers deeply in order to make their relationship more harmonious..

b.To let them know the importance of cooperating with others in a group

Difficulties and Importance:

a. Master the usage of –ing form.

b. Improve the student’s ability of grasping the general idea of the passage.

Teaching Method:

a.Task-based methodology

b.pair-work& group-work

Teaching Procedures:

Period 1

Teaching Content: Vocabulary and listening

Everyday English

Activity 1. Ask the Ss to write”+” for positive adjectives, and “-”for negative adjectives. (Some words will have a positive and a negative meaning, depending on the context.)

amusing energetic funny intelligent kind lively nervous

organized patient popular serious shy strict stupid

Activity 2. Ask the students to describe their teachers they know, using the words given above.

For example: Our science teacher is very energetic and intelligent.

I am fond of Mr. Li’s classes. They are never boring.

Our English teacher is serious but his teaching style is well organized.



Activity 3 Pair work

Discuss the following sentences True or False according to your own experiences. And share your opinions with your partner.

1.All good teachers talk a lot.

2.I think teachers need to be strict.

3.I like teachers who are amusing and can laugh with their students.

4.The most popular teachers are always very kind.

5.Good teachers make sure that everyone in the class understands.

6.Good teachers always return homework quickly.

7.You should be able to ask your teacher questions at any time during a lesson.

8.It doesn’t matter if a teacher is not organized.

Activity 4 Listening.

Listen to Alex, and English student, and tick the sentences above that he agrees with. Compare your choices with Alex and have a discussion with your classmates what makes a good teacher.

Activity 5 Everyday English

a.Make sure the students know the meaning of the following expressions.

Have you got that take a look kids that’s settled a couple of things it’s up to you

b.Complete the conversations with these expressions.

Activity 5 Homework

1.Memorize the adjectives we have learned in the class.